Discipline with Love

Learn the Child Psychologist's SIMPLE system to managing behaviour

Introducing Discipline With Love, a three part series will teach you everything you need to know to manage your child's behaviour, from when they are 2 years old until they leave your house as a young adult.

The course is easy to follow and wont overwhelm you with information and advice. You will learn how to develop the skills in your child to help them become a more successful adult.

What Parents Are Saying

Discipline with Love was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much. I don't have to yell at my kids anymore and they actually stop and listen. The first time I said "one" and they stopped it felt like a miracle. I couldn't believe it but its so simple and effective.

Hi, I'm Finella Binnion and I'm a Child Psychologist

I get it, being a parent is HARD WORK!

Trying to get your children to listen and do as you ask, or stop doing something when you ask, can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

This doesn't have to be the case and I can teach you how to get your children to stop and listen.

I don't think you need more advice, I think you need the RIGHT advice.

I'm an Educational and Developmental Child Psychologist from Australia with over a decade of experience working with young people and their parents. I am also the director of a large child psychologist clinic and supervise other psychologists all over the world.

I believe calm, respectful and consistent parenting is the best approach, and I can HELP you achieve this!

Each of my courses is created from my knowledge and experience as a child psychologist, and the scientific evidence for what we know works best.

I am also a mother so I totally understand that you have a million things on your plate and you are trying your best. Some days are just hard work and you don't know what to do. After finishing this course that will change. You will feel calm and in control, knowing exactly how to handle your child's behaviour successfully.

It's called Discipline with Love because you can effectively manage your child's behaviour with love and respect!

Imagine being able to say one word to your child and have them stop and listen to you!


Section One

The first section of the course will teach you the foundational information you need to understand your child's brain and behaviour, without overwhelming you or telling you too much. I explain the purpose of discipline and how effective discipline doesn't require a lot of energy or yelling from you. It doesn't have to be difficult you just need to know how to do it well!


Understanding Your Child’s Brain

• The 4 things Behaviour is Communicating

• The purpose of discipline

• Two methods of parenting to shape behaviour

• What is emotion regulation and how to help your child develop it

• What NOT to do with discipline

• Child Development overview from baby to adolescent

Section Two

In this section I walk you through step by step what to do, to get your child to stop and listen to you. You will learn everything you need to implement the new behaviour management system. Once you have the new system working it will take 15 seconds or less to get your children to stop and do as you ask. You'll gain all the tools you need and I've made it as simple as possible for you to implement. At the end of this section you will clearly know what behaviours you will pay attention to and effective consequences to implement.


• 5 Step Solution to Manage Behaviour

• Only 3 Rules Your Family Needs

• How to implement the new strategy

• Appropriate consequences for young children

• Appropriate consequences for older children and teenagers

Section Three

In the final section of the course we troubleshoot issues you may have once you start to implement the new discipline strategy. We cover what to do outside of the house (e.g. in the car or at the shops), bedtime or when siblings fight. I will also show you what to do to get your child to START doing things like getting themselves ready for school in the morning. The final section will answer all of your questions so that you feel confident and prepared to start managing your child's behaviour today.


• Encouragement and Rewards

• How to get your child to START doing things (toilet training, getting ready for school)

• Sibling Rivalry

• Tantrums

• Bedtime

• What to do when you are outside the house

• Troubleshooting potential problems

Are you ready?

What Parents Are Saying

"This was a GAME CHANGER! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I wish I had known about this years ago. It would have saved us so much time and energy. The advice and strategies have helped me so much. My husband and I especially love the 3 rules as they do cover all the behaviours we want our children to not do."

Fast results, this strategy takes two weeks or less to create effective change in your household

That's not all you get!

You will also receive the following bonuses when you enroll in the course.


The Discipline with Love eBook is your go to companion. You can refer to it at anytime rather than having to go back into the online course. Everything you need to know and all the troubleshooting questions are all included. RRP $19.99


The bonus workbook helps you implement the behaviour program by providing you with rule posters, calming strategy cards, relaxation and breathing activity sheets, calm spot posters, easy to follow scripts to help you introduce the new system to your children. RRP $14.99


Are you suffering from tantrum terror?This bonus worksheet has my 9 top tips to help prevent toddler tantrums from occurring. Parent's just love these preventative tips which are yours as well when you sign up from Discipline with Love!

Do you wish there was a way to make parenting easier and your child to just cooperate with you?


Discipline with Love Behaviour workshop series (value $199)

Discipline with love eBook (value $19.99)

Discipline with Love Workbook (value $14.99)

How to Use Encouragement and Rewards handout (value $4.99)

Prevent Tantrum Tip sheet

Emotional Vocabulary Book List

Lifetime access to the On-Demand training

Total Value: $239


Do you want your children to start listening to you?

You shouldn't have to yell or ask your child over and over again to stop doing something. Discipline with Love will teach your child to stop and listen to you and all you have to do is say one word!

Do you want your child to become a more successful adult?

The parenting method's taught to you in Discipline with Love have been shown to develop self-regulation skills. Research has found that children who show greater self-regulation were more successful adults and better able to cope with life's frustrations. Children who showed less self-regulation were more likely to drop out of school and on average did not perform as well academically as students who had learnt self-regulation.

Are you struggling to manage defiant behaviour?

Does your child refuse to listen to you? Are they defiant or aggressive towards you or things? If you are having difficulty getting your child to respect you and the house rules then Discipline with Love will give you a clear process and consequences to follow. Discipline with Love will help give you the control back and help guide your child to make better behavioural choices.

Do you want your child to START doing things?

You won't only learn how to stop problem behaviour you will also learn how to get your child to start doing things. Do you want them to start brushing their teeth at night or get themselves ready for school in the morning? How about toilet training? In Discipline with Love I also cover how to get your child to start doing things not just how to stop doing things.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried everything and nothing works. Why will this?

Usually parents start something and when they face an issue it can be easiest to just give up. In Discipline with Love we troubleshoot potential issues before they happen so you know what to do. This will help you stick with the new system and find success. Also, the research and evidence shows us that the strategies you are taught really work!

Is this a lot of work? I don't have much spare time.

The beauty of Discipline with Love is that once you have it working well discipline becomes quick and easy to manage. You will have more time to enjoy with your children because you wont be spending all of your time focusing on "bad" behaviour or what your child is doing wrong. You can work through the on-demand workshops at your own pace. It takes just over 1.5 hours to complete.

Can I really use this strategy with a toddler or an adolescent?

Yes! The process of discipline remains the same from when your child is a toddler through to being a teenager. What changes are the consequences, so you will only need to know this one system to manage your child's behaviour until they leave the house!

Do you use time-out?

No. I don't believe that you need to remove your attention from your child as a form of discipline or punishment. While research has shown that time-out is an effective tool for discipline there is a better solution that is often called "regulation time" or "calm time". This is especially important in the early years when it's all about connection with your child. Time-out is not used in Discipline with Love.

What if my child is under two?

Then this is the perfect time to do Discipline with Love! Knowing ahead of time how you will manage your child's behaviour will help you to be more successful with it. Starting consistent behaviour management from 2 years old makes it easier to implement and you will have more compliance from your child as you wont have started one thing, stopped it and then started something else.

Why should I do this course?

As a child psychologist I've been teaching parents how to effectively manage difficult behaviours for the last decade. What you will learn isn't based on my personal opinions or experiences as a parent. I've been teaching parents how to implement effective discipline well before I even had children. This program is based on the scientific research in child development and behaviour. The science and evidence shows us what works best. I also believe in using kind and respectful parenting methods. If you want to learn effective but attachment focused discipline techniques then this workshop series is for you.


Discipline with Love Behaviour program (value $199)

Discipline with love eBook (value $19.99)

Discipline with Love Workbook (value $14.99)

How to Use Encouragement and Rewards handout (value $4.99)

Prevent Tantrum Tip sheet

Emotional Vocabulary Book List

Lifetime access to the On-Demand training

Total Value: $239


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